The jGames Initiative is proud to announce that it recently started a new teaching project within Leipzig University’s Japanese studies department. The Japan’s Digital Cultures seminar is given in English by Martin Roth and Robert Aust on two semesters: winter is focused on video games cultures in Japan and summer’s scope will broaden to all of Japan’s digital media landscape.

Beginning in October, we offered an introduction to game studies and tools to approach a global mass media in the local Japanese context to students coming from different disciplines. From Japanese and game studies to journalism and mass media, we expect to help them apprehend video games in a way that is meaningful to their own field.

In addition to that, we’ve recently had the pleasure to host a special lecture from Ritsumeikan University’s Prof. Hiroshi Yoshida. Coming all the way from Kyoto to Leipzig, this Japanese expert on game studies shared his most recent research on the meta aspect of video games. These two classes were the occasion to discuss the topic of games in games and games about games and how to categorize them.

Nearly two months into that project, we are now shifting gears from regular seminars to tutored research projects. Students raise and answer questions about games and their cultural aspects from their own perspective with our support and access to our laboratory’s video game collection.

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