October 30, 2015: The first box of the CERO donation has been opened. At that time – apart from some general information (the games are consumer games of the last roughly 10 years and have been rated by CERO and published in Japan) – the content of the boxes was still unknown.

1box/Week – that was literally the aim of our blog: We wanted to report about the opening process by posting photos of the treasures hidden in the boxes on a regular basis. Now that every box has been opened and found its way in the games lab the blog may has lost its aim, yet we still want to retain it.

Processing the collection is also an opportunity to help preserving an important part of digital culture, which is already becoming less accessible today, given the speed of technological development.

This is where we need your help!

In order to turn this process into an exciting journey of discovery, nostalgia and exchange, we would like to ask all experts on Japanese games to comment on the games you find and share your opinion or memory, thoughts on the artwork or the games impact – anything from a smiley to an essays is possible. The blog will be mainly in English, but mixed languages are allowed and the editorial encourages anybody to write and comment in the language they prefer, hoping that we will be able to bridge language gaps where possible.

With your help, we hope to collect thoughts on a broad range of Japanese games and provide some insight into the views and perceptions of these games within the gamers and game studies community working on Japan. All contributors who register for the blog will also be added to the public list of contributors.

We look forward to your comments!


  • Working Process in the games lab
  • Reports about Gaming events
  • Game reviews

“1box/week”-Blog Editorial Board

Armin Becker (Leipzig University)

Rachael Hutchinson (University of Delaware)

Akito Inoue (Ritsumeikan University)

Elisabeth Marx (Leipzig University)

Shinji Matsunaga (Tokyo University of the Arts)

Tomás Grau de Pablos (Autonomous University of Barcelona)

Martin Picard (Université de Montréal)

Martin Roth (Leipzig University)

Chris Yap (Nara Institute of Science and Technology)

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