Japan’s videogames are a major source of influence and innovation in videogame culture around the world and, more generally, local as much as global creative industries. However, understanding their local and global significance, or and their qualities and characteristics – beyond stereotypical and superficial references to their “Japaneseness” remains a difficult task. What are recurring themes, character elements, tropes? How are they interconnected with other games and across different media? How do the players describe and evaluate them? What portion of Japan’s games is published outside of Japan? And, given the history of Japan’s game industry and the increasingly globalized creation and production of digital media today, one might add, provocatively: were videogames from Japan ever really from Japan? As of January, we are working on these questions in a joint research project together with Leipzig University Library. The project is kindly funded by the DFG for three years. More information will follow shortly.