Last Weekend the Seventh European Conference on Video Game Music and Sound was taking place at HMT Leipzig. Hosted by Christoph Hust (HMT Leipzig) and Martin Roth (University of Leipzig) it was the first time the Ludo conference took place in Germany.

This year again European researchers gathered talking about sound and music in games, especially about „Soundscapes and Interfaces“, which was this year’s conference theme. Altogether nearly 30 researchers presented their topics in nine different sessions, ranging from talks about Chiptune music, sound and music in VR to musical entrainment and including keynote adresses by BAFTA-winning audio professional Adele Cutting (Harry Potter and The Room franchises), author of „Gameworld Interfaces“ Kristine Jørgensen (University of Bergen) and editor of „Music Video Games“ Michael Austin (Howard University).

More detailed information about the conference (e.g. abstracts) as well as the Ludomusicology Research group can be found here. More information about sound and music in video games from any and all perspectives, including a up-to-date selective bibliography, can be found here.