Next weekend, video games are happening all over the world! Global Game Jam 2017 will take place from Friday the 20th to Sunday the 22th, with Leipzig event being hosted at the HTKW.

„What’s a game jam?“ you may ask. Well, it’s a video and tabletop game making event where teams gather to create prototypes – or sometimes even finished games – in a limited time. GGJ’s 48h, physical and with jam sites all over the world. Its theme is announced on Friday evening, team form themselves around projects and the final games are uploaded on Sunday evening. Be on the lookout then, there will be a lot of interesting stuff to play!

It’s a great event to experiment new ideas, try out tools or do something you don’t usually do like music, art, sound, code… or even games! Newcomers are welcome to pitch their ideas and learn for themselves how games are made. No technical skills are needed as GGJ’s not limited to digital games: with paper, cardboard, pens, chess pieces, and some tape to hack everything together, anybody can make a cool tabletop game and playtest it over the week end. It is also a great opportunity to take creative risks, maybe fail, and, most of all, learn.

GGJ’s a fun event, with a lot of fun, silly and unusual projects that can’t happen in regular production. It’s also a great way to meet with fellow game enthusiasts over late-night junk food (or healthy one, if that’s your thing) and stupid nonsensical early-morning tired jokes. Don’t forget to sleep though, as exhaustion will never help you complete your prototype.

So pack your tools of choice and don’t forget to register online on Leipzig’s event and on the Global Game Jam websites. More info at these URL: