Middle and Upper Atmosphere Research

Mesosphere and lower thermosphere dynamics
- Meteor radar winds and temperatures
- MUAM circulation model
- Empirical wind models
- Wave coupling processes of the middle and upper atmosphere (VACILT)
- Non-zonal Structures of MLT Dynamics at Middle Latitudes (NOSTHEM)

Coupling processes of atmospheric layers
- Large-scale dynamical impacts on regional Arctic climate change (SFB/TR 172 / Project D01)
- Atmospheric gravity waves - observation and modeling (A-G-W-O-M)
- Middle atmosphere effects of localized gravity wave forcing (MATELO)
- Sporadic E layers and neutral atmosphere dynamics

Dynamics of the thermosphere/ionosphere system
- Solar EUV observations and ionospheric response
- Delayed response of ionospheric TEC to solar variations (DRIVAR)
- Terdiurnal tide in the middle atmosphere
- Quarterdiurnal tide in the middle atmosphere (QuarTA)

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