Module 120-111-1029: T1, Dynamics of the Middle Atmosphere
MSc Meteorology

Christoph Jacobi

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Current information

Due to the pandemic situation and the hygiene concepts to be observed, the form of the lecture and the seminar (presence, online, hybrid) can only be determined once the exact number of participants is known. Possibly, there will be short-term changes of place and date. Please inform yourself on AlmaWeb and observe the relevant e-mails.

To do this, make sure that in AlmaWeb you are not only registered for the module, but also for the individual courses.


The module provides an overview of the middle atmosphere, including climatology, and relevant physical processes, with a focus on atmospheric waves.

Lecture "Dynamics of the middle atmosphere": (2 hrs)

Seminar "middle atmosphere": (1 hr)


Presentation with written elaboration

Prerequisites for attending
Ort und Termin
Lecture "Dynamics of the middle atmosphere": Tuesday 14:30-16:00
Hörsaal 2, Talstaße 35
1. lecture on 27.10.2020

Seminar "middle atmosphere": Tuesday 16:00-16:45
CIP Pool or Hörsaal 2
1. Seminar on 27.10.2020

Andrews, D.G., J.R. Holton, C.B. Leovy: Middle Atmosphere Dynamics.Academic Press, Orlando, 1987.

Brasseur, G., S. Solomon: Aeronomy of the Middle Atmosphere. D. Reidel, Dordrecht, 1986.

Hints for using the MUAM model

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