Atmospheric Gravity Waves - Observation and Modeling (A-G-W-O-M)

BMBF 01DN14001 (2014-2017)

The project aims at quantitatively determining gravity wave parameters in stratosphere and ionosphere using GNSS radio occultations, and modeling of gravity wave propagation and impact on the atmosphere and ionosphere using the MUAM middle atmosphere model of LIM.

Cooperation partners: GFZ Potsdam (Dr. T. Schmidt), Austral-University Buenos Aires/Pilar (Prof. A de la Torre)

July gravity wave potential energy derived from GPS radio occultations.

Publications related to the project:

Lilienthal, F., Ch. Jacobi, T. Schmidt, A. de la Torre, and P. Alexander, 2017: On the influence of zonal gravity wave distributions on the Southern Hemisphere winter circulation, Ann. Geophys., 35, 785-798, doi:0.5194/angeo-35-785-2017.

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