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Excursion to Prague . . .

Enjoy with Doktoranden Initiative Team in Prague 24th - 26th of April-2009

The professors of the Prague Karl’s University went to Leipzig in 1409 and founded there a new University – the Leipzig University (Alma mater lipsiensis). This year we are celebrating the 600th anniversary of the University and want to see its origins. That’s why we decided to present the PhD students the excursion to Prague. 

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and since 1992 its downtown area belongs to the UNESCO cultural heritage. It is called “golden city” and also “the city of hundred towers” since the 19th century. The architecture of Prague is versatile, with Romanic and Gothic buildings, palaces from the Renaissance and Baroque as well as a number of churches and romantic alleys. The most well-known places in Prague are the Prague Castle with the St. Vitus Cathedral, Karl’s bridge, Jewish Quarter and the Ancient City Ring Road with the Teyn Church, City Hall and the astronomic clock. In the evening we are going to visit “Laterna Magika”, the theatre with movies, light, music, ballet and pantomime. We would like to undertake a trip through time and space with you. 

In addition to Prague we are going to one more town: Kutná Hora (German: Kuttenberg) founded in the 12th century. This town is situated about 60 km to the East from Prague and also belongs to the UNESCO cultural heritage. We will have free time during the excursion so that you can see other places of interest, for instant, the unique St. Barbara’s Church, Sedlec Ossuary and the Italian Court. 

On the way back on Sunday we will see the castle Karlstejn. It was founded as a treasury for imperial regalia of the Holy Roman Empire and the great collection of relics of Charles IV. 

Out-of-pocket expenses total 50,00 Euros (whole amount: EUR 200 per one person). Don’t forget to take Czech Koruny for minor things with you! 

The PhD students must take their passports with them. Please, clarify whether you need a visa for the trip and apply for it, if necessary. 

Registration and payment: 

31.03.2009 Goethestraße 6, Room 402 16.00-18.00 
02.04.2009 Tarostraße 14, office on the ground floor 19.00-20.30 

We are glad to have a good trip together! 

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