Concepts, Physics and Devices

M. Grundmann
Institut für Experimentelle Physik II,
Universität Leipzig, Germany

This book traces the quest to use nanostructured media for novel and improved optoelectronic devices. Starting with the invention of the heterostructure laser, the progression via thin films to quasi zero-dimensional quantum dots has led to novel device concepts and tremendous improvements in device performance. Along the way sophisticated methods of material preparation and characterization have been developed. Novel physical phenomena have emerged and are now used in devices such as lasers and optical amplifiers. Leading experts - among them Nobel laureate Zhores Alferov - write here about the fundamental concepts behind optoelectronics, the material basis, physical phenomena and device physics.

This volume is dedicated to Professor Dr. phil.nat. Dieter Bimberg on the occasion of his 60th anniversary.

July 2002, €79.95
ISBN: 3-540-43394-5
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From the contents:
Contributing authors

Part I - Concepts
1.  The History of Heterostructure Lasers
    Zhores I. ALferov
2.  Stress-Engineered Quantum Dots: Nature's Way
    Anupam Madhukar

Part II - Physics
3.  Characterization of Structure and Composition of Quantum Dots by
      Transmission Electron Microscopy
    Kurt Scheerschmidt, Peter Werner
4.  Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Characterization of InAs Nanostructures
      Formed on GaAs (001)
    Shigehiko Hasegawa, Hisao Nakashima
5.  Cross-sectional Scanning Tunneling Microscopy at InAs Quantum Dots
    Mario Dähne, Holger Eisele
6.  X-ray Characterization of Group III-Nitrides (Al,In,Ga)N
    Alois Krost
7.  Theory of the Electronic and Optical Properties of InGaAs/GaAs Quantum Dots
    Oliver Stier
8.  Magneto-Tunneling Spectroscopy of Self-Assembled InAs Dots
    Laurence Eaves, Amalia Patané, Peter C. Main
9.  Modulation Spectroscopy and Surface Voltage Spectroscopy of
      Semiconductor Quantum Wires and Quantum Dots
    Fred H. Pollak
10. Optical Properties of Self-Organized Quantum Dots
    Robert Heitz
11. High Occupancy Effects and Condensation Phenomena in Semiconductor Microcavities
      and Bulk Semiconductors
    Maurice S. Skolnick, Alexander I. Tartakovskii, Raphael Butté, R. Mark Stevenson,
      Jeremy J. Baumberg, David M. Whittaker

Part III - Devices

12. Theory of Quantum Dot Lasers
    Marius Grundmann
13. Long-Wavelength InGaAs/GaAs Quantum Dot Lasers
    Nikolai N. Ledentsov
14. InP/GaInP Quantum Dot Lasers
    Oliver G. Schmidt, Yvonne M. Manz, Karl Eberl
15. High Power Quantum Dot Lasers
    Christian Ribbat, Roman Sellin
16. Inter-Sublevel Transitions in Quantum Dots and Device Applications
    Alexander Weber
17. Progress in Growth and Physics of Nitride-Based Quantum Dots
    Yasuhiko Arakawa
18. Ultrafast Optical Properties of Quantum Dot Amplifiers
    Paola Borri