Welcome to the conference “Topological matter and flat bands” (TMFB) in Leipzig.

The “Topological matter and flat bands” conference is an official satellite conference of the 28th International Conference on Low Temperature Physics, LT28, in Gothenburg/Sweden.

It will be held at the Leipzig University from Thursday, August 17th to Sunday, August 20th 2017.
The conference will continue the discussion on the importance of flat bands in solid state physics, started in Dresden in 2013 (Flat Bands: Design, Topology, and Correlations), bringing together experimentalists and theoreticians to discuss new examples in graphite/graphene and other systems where the topology and flat bands may play a major role in triggering exceptional phenomena due to extremely singular density of states. We will pay special attention to superconductivity/superfluidity and magnetic order in systems with exact or approximate flat bands. In addition, we will also broaden this topic with an intent to discuss in general interacting states in nodal semimetals possessing an exotic electronic dispersion, such as Weyl semimetals and materials exhibiting Dirac nodal lines, and in electronic systems close to a Lifshitz transition.

Our target audience consists of researchers of graphene/graphite, those studying topological materials, topological superconductivity, interface superconductivity, and the community of ultracold atom systems.