European Lipidomics Meeting
We are proud to announce that 7th European Lipidomics Meeting co-organized by Dr. Jürgen Schiller and Maria Fedorova will take place in Leipzig 27th-28th of September 2018
More information will follow soon!

International HNE Club Meeting
International HNE Club meeting  “Reactive Oxygen Species and Lipid Peroxidation in Human Health and Disease” dedicated to Hermann Esterbauer will take place in Graz, 14th-15th of September 2017.
For more information and registration (free of charge) visit HNE Club webpage –

• May 2017:
Maria Fedorova together with the President of International HNE Club Neven Zarkovic (Laboratory for Oxidative Stress, Rudjer Boskovic Institute, Croatia) published the Preface to the Special Issue on 4-Hydroxynonenal and Related Lipid Oxidation Products in Free Radical Biology and Medicine.
Have a look!

• May 2017:
Great News! Zhixu Ni submitted his PhD thesis entitled  “Development of mass spectrometry-based methods and bioinformatics solutions for high- throughput identification and relative quantification of lipid peroxidation products”


• May 2017:
Georgia attended EMBL Course “Networks and Pathways” provided by European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) at Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridge, UK


• April 2017:
Uladzimir Barayeu joined us for his Master project “Cytochrome C mediated oxidation of cardiolipin”.


• April 2017:
Christina Mauerhofer from Valery Bochkov‘s lab got an EMBO scholarship to work with us on mass spectrometry analysis of oxidized lipids.


• April 2017:
Giulia and Marina took part in Industrial Training Event organized my MASSTRPLAN consortium in UK to get further training in mass spectrometry and related techniques.

(MASSTRPLAN ESRs with Project Coordinator Prof. Corinne Spickett, 
Prof. Andrew Pitt and Debbie Toomeoks in Liverpool)

• March 2017:
Mike and Georgia attended a CaSyM winter school of Systems Medicine in Ljubljana.


• March 2017:
We attended the annual meeting of German Society for Mass Spectrometry(DGMS) in Kiel. Maria presented a talk “oxLipidomics data integration for systems medicine view on metabolic diseases” and Giulia presented a poster on In situ monitoring of lipid oxidation using electrochemistry-mass spectrometry coupling”.


• December 2016:
Our research on cross-talk between lipid and protein carbonylation was published in Redox Biology with Eva Griesser as a first author.
Have a look!


• 13th-15th of November 2016:
Zhixu Ni presented results on “Computer assisted identification and quantification of phospholipids using data dependent and independent LC-MS/MS” on 2nd Lipidomics Forum in Dortmund (

lipidomicsforum2016_1  lipidomicsforum2016_2
(Zhixu Ni and Angela Criscuolo)          (Zhixu Ni and our former group member Andrea Annibal)

• 7th of November 2016:
Maria Fedorova presented results on “Targeted LC-MS quantification of non-enzymatically generated isoprostanes and neuroprostanes” on workshop “Isoprostanes, Neuroprostanes, Phytoprostanes: Biomarkers of lipid oxidation” organized by Thierry Durand and Angel Gil-Izquierdo in Montpellier, France

• November 2016:
Angela Criscuolo, MASSTRPLAN ESR from Thermo Fisher join us for her first secondment

(Maria Fedorova, Georgia Angelidou and Angela Criscuolo in the office)

• 4th- 6th October 2016:
Zhixu Ni and Maria Fedorova presented a poster “LPPdb: a database for integration of structural, functional, biological and clinical information on oxidized lipids based biomarkers” on e:Med Meeting 2016 in Kiel (
emed2016_1  emed2016_2

• October 2016:
As her first secondment within MASSTRPLAN consortium, Giulia Coliva was working at Antec Leyden for two weeks to perform electrochemical oxidation of phospholipids.

(Agnieszka Kray, Giulia Coliva, Simone Colombo, Nico Reinhoud and Jean-Pierre Chervet)