Summer School
We are happy to invite you to submit the application to LipoSysMed: Integration of large scale lipidomics data in systems medicine research, which we will be holding in Leipzig from 18th to 22nd of March 2019.
This Training School is funded by German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) within the e:Med concept, a nationwide research program to promote systems medicine.
The main objectives of LipoSysMed school is to introduce young researchers into the filed of lipidomics data acquisition and analysis with the focus on Omics data integration into systems medicine research.
LipoSysMed is planned as an educational and training event based on the interdisciplinary exchange between biochemists, clinicians, analytical chemists, and computer scientists to provide the participants with the full overview of the current status of lipidome analysis strategies and data integration solutions.
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December 2018:
  • Giulia Coliva joined Angela Criscuolo at Bremen Thermo Fisher Scientific for a two weeks MASSTRPLAN secondment.
  • Maria Fedorova together with Dr. Susanne Ebitsch (Transferbeauftrage am Life Science Transfer Office der Universität Leipzig) organized 3rd BBZ Methodological Workshop this time on “Genome Editing Technologies” which took place in BBZ on 6th of December.
  • Our paper on “Cytochrome c auto-catalyzed carbonylation in the presence of hydrogen peroxide and cardiolipins” is finally accepted for the publication at JBC! Check out for the new mechanism of protein carbonylation –
  • Maria Fedorova and Mike Lange attended Lipidomics Sharing Day organized by MPI-CBG in Dresden. Mike presented our updates on Adipose Tissue Lipidomics Atlas.
  • And we also managed to have some Christmas fun!


November 2018:
  • As the winner of HNE Club Meeting Poster Award 2017, Georgia Angelidou attended the “Tenth Meeting of the International Hydroxynonenal (HNE) Club: Reactive Lipids in Biology and Disease” at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, USA where she presented the talk on “Systems medicine view on oxidized lipids in obesity and related complications – reconstructing lipid oxidation metabolic networks”.
  • Maria Fedorova and Zhixu Ni attended the Lipidomic Forum 2018 in Dortmund. Maria presented the talk entitled “Adipose tissue lipidomics – from analytics to metabolic networks” and Ni talked about “Integration of high-throughput lipidomics data into genome-scale metabolic model of adipose tissue”.
  • Our review on “Liquide Chromatography Techniques in Lipidomics” for the 50th Anniversary Commemorative Issue of Chromatographia is online! It was fun and very educating to write! Thank you – Mike, Ni and Angela, for a great team work!
    Have a look –
  • New publication from Florian Gruber lab (Medical University of Vienna) with our contribution on MS analysis of oxidized lipids was published in Redox Biology – “A novel role for NURP1 in the keratinocyte stress response to UV oxidized lipids”. Great work from Marie-Sophie on the new role of NUPR1 in the keratinocyte stress response to oxidized PLs! Have a look –

October 2018:
  • Zhixu Ni attended the International Conference on Systems Biology 2018 in Lyon, France where he presented the poster on “Lipidomics oriented metabolic model of adipocyte”.

September 2018:
  • Giulia Coliva attended SFRRE Summer School Redox-omics Technologies and their Application in Health and Disease in Spetses where she was awarded with the Young Investigator Award for presenting the project “Imaging the stress – a subcellular study of lipid distribution in rat cardiac cells under oxidative stress and autophagy inhibition”.
  • Georgia Angelidou attended the 7th European Workshop on Lipid Mediators in Brussels, Belgium and presented the poster “Reconstructing lipid mediators metabolic networks in obesity and related complications”.


  • Zhixu Ni attended the e:Med Meeting 2018 in Berlin. Ni presented the poster with a flash talk “Lipidomics oriented metabolic model of adipocyte” and won a Poster Award!

  • Together with Dr. Jürgen Schiller we organized and hold the 7th European Lipidomics Meeting in BBZ Leipzig! It was a great pleasure and fun to organize such event! 162 participants from 24 countries! We are very thankful to all our speakers and presenters, as well as for the great support of the sponsors!

Our team presentations at ELM 2018:

  • Mike Lange presented the talk on “Adipose Tissue Lipidomics Atlas”.
  • Lucía Méndez presented the poster on “Identification of lipid derived damage associated molecular patterns in adipose tissue of insulin sensitive and resistant patients”.
  • Giulia Coliva presented the poster on “Imaging the stress – a subcellular study of lipid distribution in rat cardiac cells under oxidative stress and autophagy inhibition”.
  • Zhixu Ni presented the poster on “LipidHunter2: high-throughput identification of glycerolipids and glycerophospholipids from LC-MS/MS data”.
  • Georgia Angelidou presented the poster on “Eicosanoids metabolic networks in obesity and related complications”.


July 2018:
  • Maria Fedorova and Zhixu Ni visited the group of Professor Gabriele Cruciani and Dr. Laura Goracci at the University of Perugia, Italy.

June 2018:
  • Maria Fedorova, Mike Lange and Georgia Angelidou attended 19th Biennial Meeting of Society for Free Radical Research International (SFRRI) hold this year in Lisbon, Portugal. Mike presented a talk about “Analytical Strategies for the Identification of oxidized Lipids from Adipose Tissue”. Maria presented the poster on “Uncovering the diversity of redox proteoforms and their significance in cellular signaling and protein-protein interactions”. And Georgia presented the poster on “Integration of oxidized lipids in pro-inflammatory metabolic networks targeting obesity and related complications”.

  • Georgia Angelidou presented her work on “Networks Analysis of Lipid Peroxidation Products” at BBZ PhD Colloquium.
  • Maria Fedorova together with Dr. Susanne Ebitsch (Transferbeauftrage am Life Science Transfer Office der Universität Leipzig) organized 2st BBZ Educational/Methodological Workshop “Cell in Focus – Cell Sorting and Analysis Techniques” which took place in BBZ on 28th of June.


May 2018:
  • Maria Fedorova was invited to speak at 3rd conference on “Analytical methods to study oxidative damage, antioxidants and drugs” at Medical University of Bialystock, Poland (24-27th of May) where she presented our work on “Analytical and Bioinformatics solutions to study diversity of oxidized lipids and lipid-protein adducts”

April 2018:
  • Giulia Coliva gave a talk on “Lipid and protein oxidation in cardiomyocyte model of nitroxidative stress” at BBZ PhD Colloquium.
  • Prof Valerian Kagan (Uni Pittsburgh, USA; IM Sechenov Moscow Medical University, Russia) visited us and gave an excellent talk on “Learning the signaling lipid language – Redox Lipidomics” .
  • Isabel Campos Pinto, one of the MASSTRPLAN ESR from Mologic Ltd joint us for her two-month secondment


March 2018:
  • Giulia Coliva and Maria Fedorova attended MASSTRPLAN Network and Workshop meeting in Madrid (21-24th of March) on Integrative approaches for the study of molecular and cellular lipoxidation. Giulia Coliva presented her work on the “Role of lipid droplets in oxidative stress response”.
  • Lucía Méndez won the ILSI Europe Young Scientist Travel Award 2018 to attend the ILSI Europe’s Annual Symposium 2018 – ‘Food for the Future’ in Brussels (26-27th of March) organized by International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI). Lucia presented a poster on “Comprehensive proteomics analysis of adipose tissue carbonylome modulated by the consumption of westernized diets” .


January 2018:
  • Venukumar Vemula defended his PhD thesis “Mild nitroxidative stress induced changes in the cardiomyocyte proteome” and moved for his PostDoc to the Linnaeus University in Kalmar, Sweden.



December 2017:
  • Eva Griesser defended her PhD thesis “Profiling and quantification of multiple post-transnational modifications in a cardiomyocyte model of nitroxidative stress” !!!

  • The Christmas Party Trip to Jena! Was a lot of fun!


November 2017:
  • Maria Fedorova  together with Dr. Susanne Ebitsch (Transferbeauftrage am Life Science Transfer Office der Universität) organized 1st BBZ Educational/Methodological Workshop “Omics Techniques in Life Science Research” which took place in BBZ on 31 of November. We had six invited speakers talking about genomics, proteomics, lipidomics, and metabolomics and 80 participants!!! – read more here


Maria Fedorova presented the poster “(ox)Lipidomics data acquisition and integration for systems medicine view on metabolic disorders”. Georgia Angelidou presented the poster “Reconstructing lipid peroxidation products (LPPs) metabolic networks for systems medicine view on obesity and type II diabetes” . And Zhixu Ni presented the poster “High-throughput identification of native and oxidized phospholipids from LC-MS and shotgun lipidomics datasets to assist biomarker discovery in metabolic diseases” .

       Zhixu Ni with his talk “High-throughput identification of unmodified and oxidized phospholipids from data-dependent LC-MS and                    shotgun lipidomics datasets using LipidHunter and LPPtiger” won the 1st prize for young investigators presentation!!!

And Mike Lange with his poster “Adipose tissue lipidomics atlas” won the prize for the best poster presentation!!!


  • LPPtiger was published in Scientific Reports!!!

Check it out (external link to Scientific Reports ). Find more here.

  • Uladzimir Barayeu defended his Master thesis “Cardiolipin cytochrome c complex. From peroxidase to Fenton chemistry” and moved for his PhD to DKFZ, Heidelberg.


October 2017:
  • Zhixu Ni defended his PhD thesis “Development of mass spectrometry-based methods and bioinformatics solutions for high- throughput identification and relative quantification of lipid peroxidation products” with a mark 1.0 (summa cum laude)!!!


  • Andreia Monico from Dolores Perez-Sala group in CSIC (Madrid) joint us for her two month MASSTRPLAN secondment! And Giulia Coliva went to the CSIC lab in Madrid.
  • Maria Fedorova and Uladzimir Barayeu attended the conference “Free radicals in chemistry and life” organized by Professor Oleg Shadyro at Belarusian State University in Minsk. Maria presented a talk “Systems medicine view on free radical driven lipid and protein oxidation in health and disease”. Uladzimir Barayeu presented a talk on “Cardiolipin-cyt c complex. From peroxidase to Fenton chemistry”.

  • Mike Lange presented a talk “Adipose tissue lipidomics” at BBZ Colloquium
  • Mike Lange and Uladzimir Barayeu took part at the 16th Mitteldeutscher Marathon. They run 42 km and got the 9th place!!!
  • Zhixu Ni presented a poster “LPPdb – a database for systems wide integration of structural, functional, biological and clinical information on oxidized lipids” at Biotechnology Symposium hold at BBZ on 5th October 2017.


September 2017:
  • Great News! Venukumar Vemula submitted his PhD thesis in September and moved to the Linnaus University, Sweden for his PostDoc
  • Lucia Mendez Lopez who finished her PhD at Bióloga at Instituto de Investigaciones Marinas, Vigo joint us as PostDoctoral researcher!

  • Maria Fedorova, Mike Lange, Georgia Angelidou and Giulia Coliva took part at the International HNE Club Meeting “Reactive Oxygen Species and Lipid Peroxidation in Human Health and Disease” which was hold in September at Graz University. Maria Fedorova presented the talk “Analytical strategies to uncover the diversity of lipid peroxidation products and their biological effects”. Mike Lange presented the poster “Mechanism of Lipid Peroxidation in Lipid Droplets”. Giulia Coliva presented the poster “Lipid droplets carbonylation – a new pathway to eliminate lipid peroxidation products?”.

  • Georgia Angelidou won the 1st Poster Prize with her poster “Systems biology view on lipid oxidations – reconstructing lipid peroxidation products (LPPs) metabolic networks” and will be giving a presentation at the next HNE Club Meeting at Vanderbilt University (November, 2018)!


Agust 2017:


July 2017:
  • Giulia Coliva and Maria Fedorova attended the Summer School in Aveiro, Portugal (3-7th of July) organized by MASSTRPLAN . Maria Fedorova presented a teaching lecture on “Quantification strategies in proteomics mass spectrometry – labelling and label free methods”. Giulia Coliva together with Simone Colombo presented their results on electrochemical oxidation of phospholipids.


June 2017:
  • Great News! Eva Griesser submitted her PhD thesis in June and moved to the University of Dundee, UK for her PostDoc
  • Maria Fedorova and Uladzimir Barayeu attended the OCC 2017 World Congress and the SFRR-Europe 2017 Annual Conference in Berlin (21-23 of June) and presented the posters “Oxidative modifications cross-talk in redox regulation of cellular physiology” and “Cytochrome c- cardiolipin complex: from peroxidase to Fenton chemistry”
    With a group of Professor Oleg Shadyro (Belarusian State University, Minsk) at the conference dinner in Berlin.

  • Zhixu Ni presented the talk “LipidHunter software for high-throughput identification of phospholipids from LC-MS/MS and shotgun lipidomics datasets” at Chinese-German Chemical Association Annual Meeting (16-17th of June) and also had a time to visit Angela Criscuolo at Thermo Fisher Scientific in Bremen.



May 2017:
  • Maria Fedorova together with the President of International HNE Club Neven Zarkovic (Laboratory for Oxidative Stress, Rudjer Boskovic Institute, Croatia) published the Preface to the Special Issue on 4-Hydroxynonenal and Related Lipid Oxidation Products” in Free Radical Biology and Medicine.
    Have a look!
  • Great News! Zhixu Ni submitted his PhD thesis entitled Development of mass spectrometry-based methods and bioinformatics solutions for high- throughput identification and relative quantification of lipid peroxidation products”
  • Georgia Angelidou attended EMBL Course “Networks and Pathways” provided by European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) at Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridge, UK

April 2017:
  • Uladzimir Barayeu joined us for his Master project “Cytochrome C mediated oxidation of cardiolipin”.
  • Christina Mauerhofer from Valery Bochkov’s lab got an EMBO scholarship to work with us on mass spectrometry analysis of oxidized lipids.
  • Giulia Coliva and Marina Armeni took part in Industrial Training Event organized my MASSTRPLAN consortium in UK to get further training in mass spectrometry and related techniques.


March 2017:
  • We attended the annual meeting of German Society for Mass Spectrometry(DGMS) in Kiel. Maria Fedorova presented a talk “oxLipidomics data integration for systems medicine view on metabolic diseases” and Giulia Coliva presented a poster on In situ monitoring of lipid oxidation using electrochemistry-mass spectrometry coupling”.

December 2016:
  • Our research on cross-talk between lipid and protein carbonylation was published in Redox Biology with Eva Griesser as a first author. Have a look!

November 2016:
  • Zhixu Ni presented results on “Computer assisted identification and quantification of phospholipids using data dependent and independent LC-MS/MS” on 2nd Lipidomics Forum in Dortmund.
  • Maria Fedorova presented results on “Targeted LC-MS quantification of non-enzymatically generated isoprostanes and neuroprostanes” on workshop “Isoprostanes, Neuroprostanes, Phytoprostanes: Biomarkers of lipid oxidation” organized by Thierry Durand and Angel Gil-Izquierdo in Montpellier, France
  • Angela Criscuolo, MASSTRPLAN ESR from Thermo Fisher join us for her first secondment


October 2016:
  • Zhixu Ni and Maria Fedorova presented a poster “LPPdb: a database for integration of structural, functional, biological and clinical information on oxidized lipids based biomarkers” on e:Med Meeting 2016 in Kiel.
    emed2016_1  emed2016_2
  • As her first secondment within MASSTRPLAN consortium, Giulia Coliva was working at Antec Leyden for two weeks to perform electrochemical oxidation of phospholipids.