Academia 2011
Defects in Semiconductors and their Characterization
20.09.2011 and 21.09.2011, Leipzig, Germany

The Academia 2011 takes place on Tuesday, 20.09.2011, from 9:00 to Wednesday, 21.09.2011, 12:00 in the Universität Leipzig, Fakultät für Physik und Geowissenschaften, Hörsaal für Theoretische Physik, Linnéstraße 5, Leipzig, Germany.

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For questions please consult our office at +49 (0)341 97-32650 (Ms. Anja Heck).

Scope of the workshop

A perfect semiconductor is in principle useless for electrical and electronic application. It is the defects which allow tailoring properties like electrical conductivity, minority carrier lifetime or absorption to name a few. Within this workshop defect properties and the impact of defects on physical properties of semiconductors will be referred and discussed. Further complementary methods used to caracterize defects in semiconductors will be presented and their strength and weaknesses exemplified. In the end, the participants will have an overview of the electrical, morphological and structural characterization of semiconducting material and devices.


The program will consist of seven invited lectures.

Invited speakers

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