Scientific Program

7th European Lipidomics Meeting will address a wide variety of topics in modern lipidomics covered by the following scientific sessions:
  • Analytical Methods Development for Lipidomics
  • Bioinformatics Solutions for Lipidomics
  • Clinical Lipidomics
  • Imaging MS in Lipidomics
  • Integration of Lipidomics into Systems Medicine Research
  • Oxidized Lipids in Health and Disease


You can download ELM2018 Program here!


We are very happy to announce that
LIPID MAPS consortium and Lipidomics Standards Initiative (LSI)
will join us for ELM2018 and will hold a workshop  on 26th September!
The workshop program is available here!


Here at ELM2018 we invited software developers
to demonstrate their lipidomics tools live!
Joint us for the lunch demo session of lipidomics software
on 28th September !
The list of software is available here!



ELM2018 Keynote and invited Speakers: 
Andrej Shevchenko (MPI Dresden, Germany)
Carsten Hopf (HS Mannheim, Germany)
Dominik Schwudke (Research Centre Borstel, Germany)
Klaus Dreisewerd (Münster University, Germany)
Markus Wenk (National University of Singapore, Singapore)
Robert Ahrends (ISAS Dortmund, Germany)
Rosario Domingues (University of Aveiro, Portugal)
Valerie O’Donnell (Cardiff University, UK)
Valerian Kagan (University of Pittsburgh, USA; IM Sechenov Moscow Medical University, Russia)
Xianlin Han (Barshop Institute, USA)
Christian Klose (Lipotype, Germany)