Master of Arts

Master of Arts (M.A.) Degree Program Communication and Media Studies,

Core Subject Book Studies

Basic Information

Degree: Master of Arts
Prescribed period of study: 4 semesters = two years
Commencement of studies: each winter semester
Extent of studies: 120 credit points (LP)

Prerequisites for Admission

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Communication and Media Studies or in an equivalently media-focused course of studies with – as a general rule – 100 credit points (LP), or at least 70 credit points (LP) in the core subject
  • competence in two foreign languages
  • a media-related internship of at least eight weeks of duration
  • successful aptitude test procedure

Subject Matter

The M.A. Communication and Media Studies is a highly research-oriented, consecutive study program. Its aim is to enhance the professional qualification of the previously earned B.A. degree by deepening the scientific competences.

Core Elements of Studies

Emphasizing humanities and social sciences, the M.A. Communication and Media Studies program quintessentially conveys in-depth knowledge of structures, processes, contents, effects and history of media-based communication. Moreover, the course of studies provides the opportunity to explore and devise the aforementioned aspects using the respective scientific methods.

Prior to commencement of the M.A. program, the student chooses one out of a selection of five core subjects. Aside from the compulsory modules (Pflichtmodule) of the chosen core subject (40 credit points/LP) and the master’s thesis (30 credit points/LP), individual emphases will be set by choosing from the wide range of compulsory electives (Wahlpflichtmodule – 50 credit points/LP).

  • Book studies
  • Historical and systematical communication studies
  • Empirical communication and media research
  • Media science and media culture
  • Media pedagogy

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