Selected research projects

Reclam Archive

In September 2009, the Sächsische Akademie der Wissenschaft (Saxonian Academy of Science) allowed the project application “Leipzig's publisher's archives – repositories of memory and laboratories. The Reclam Archive” (“Leipziger Verlagsarchive als Erinnerungsspeicher und Labor. Das Reclam-Archiv“). By this project, the Leipzig Book Studies intensify their exploratory focus of publishing history. Under the supervision of project-monitor Ingrid Sonntag, the Reclam archive is being researched and digitalized.


“Remains of the Book Capital”

In 2009, the Leipzig Book Studies have gotten increasingly engaged in the role of a preserver of the more than endangered Book Capital. The master's thesis of our graduate Mario Gäbler, titled “Was von der Buchstadt übrig blieb” (“Remains of the Book Capital”), received a special mark of recognition: At the Leipzig book fair 2009, his work was granted the Promotional Award Book Studies from the Media Foundation of the Sparkasse Leipzig.
Furthermore, PD Dr. Thomas Keiderling rendered outstanding services to the retrieval of the Brockhaus archive, subsequent to the closing-down of the Brockhaus publishing house. Due to PD Dr. Keiderling's commitment, essential parts of the archive found entry into our archives on Hainstrasse.


Der Morgen – Inselverlag – Kiepenheuer

In May 2009, the archive of the publishing company Der Morgen was added to our inventory. In the presence of the publisher Dr. Tenzler, this new addition to our archive was welcomed with an exhibition.
Moreover, the Leipzig Book Studies started to attend to the closed Leipzig branch of the Inselverlag publishing house as well as to Kiepenheuer. In Cooperation with Deutsche Nationalbibliothek (German National Library), Sächsisches Staatsarchiv(State Archive of Saxony) and the publisher Aufbau, an exhibition dedicated to “One-hundred years of Kiepenheuer publishing company” has been planned and organized. The exhibition opened during the Leipzig Book Fair 2010 at the Museum für Druckkunst (Museum of the Printing Arts).

Two additional projects of ours have already been met by positive responses:
the symposium “50 Jahre Bitterfelder Weg” in April 2009 in cooperation with the Landeszentrale für Politische Bildung Sachsen-Anhalt (State Agency for Political Education of Saxony-Anhalt) and the “Bücherretter-Veranstaltung” (Book preserver symposium) at the Leipziger Literaturhaus (Leipzig House of Literature) in December 2009.