University of Leipzig
EPIC XIV  Leipzig, Germany, March 28-31, 2004

Program changes

Monday, March 29, 2004

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Wednesday, March 31, 2004


Monday, March 29, 2004

Session 1: Perception and cognition I: Vision (9:00-12:30, HS 20)

  • Cancelled: Antal, A., Kincses, Z. T., Nitsche, M. A., Bartfai, O., and Paulus, W.: Excitability changes induced in the human primary visual cortex by transcranial direct current stimulation: an electrophysiologi-cal evidence

Postersession 2: Cognition (16:00-18:00, Foyer 2nd floor)

[101]  Last Minute Poster: Falkenstein, M., Gajewski, P., and Stoerig, P.: Behavioral and electrophysiological correlates of response conflict in a cueing task

Postersession 10: 40 years “readiness potential” (16:00-18:00, Foyer 2nd floor)

[99]  Last Minute Poster: Cunnington, R., Windischberger, C., Deecke, L., and Moser, E.: The Bereitschafts-BOLD response: Event-related fMRI of voluntary movement
[100]  Last Minute Poster: Erdler M., Beisteiner R., Mayer D., Lindinger G., Milakara D., and Deecke L.: Bereitschaftsfield in supplementary and cingulate motor areas and primary motor cortex: Job sharing in preparation, intention and execution of voluntary action



Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Symposium 6: News about P3: The integrative component (9:00-12:30, HS 18)

  • Cancelled: Yordanova, J., and Kolev, V.: Multiple functional subcom-ponents of P300: evidence from the time-frequency domain

Postersession 4: Clinical and pharmacological research (16:00-18:00, Foyer 2nd floor)

[41]  Cancelled: Kolev, V., Yordanova, J., Heinrich, H., and Rothenberger, A.: Increased event-related theta activity as a psychophysiological marker of hyperactivity in children
[96]  Last Minute Poster: Georgiewa, P., Förschler, A., Rothemund, Y., Zimmer, C., Rose, M., and Klapp, B.: Affective processing in dyst-hymic patients – a study with fMRI

Postersession 5: Auditory processing and perception (16:00-18:00, Foyer 2nd floor)

[98] Last Minute Poster: Esaki, H., Sakurai, K., and Kato, K.: Asymmetry of MMN as an evidence of different deviant detection system



Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Symposium 12: Processing words and sentences: ERP evidence from patients (9:00-12:30, HS 17)

  • Cancelled: Rüsseler, J., Wildner, J., Sambale, J., and Münte, T. F.: Picture naming in developmental dyslexia: evidence from event-related brain potentials

Postersession 7: Speech and language (16:00-18:00, Foyer 2nd floor)

[73]  Cancelled: Jescheniak, J. D., Hahne, A., and Feld, H. K.: Retrieving words in a second language
[102]  Last Minute Poster: Hertrich, I., Mathiak, K., Ackermann, H., and Lutzenberger, W.: Audiovisual interactions during speech perception: A whole-head MEG study

Postersession 8: Visual processing and perception (16:00-18:00, Foyer 2nd floor)

[97]  Last Minute Poster: Boehm, S. G., Klostermann, E. C., and Paller, K. A.: Neural correlates of perceptual contributions to implicit memory for faces

Postersession 9: Motor processing (16:00-18:00, Foyer 2nd floor)

[95]   Cancelled: Yordanova, J., and Kolev, V.: Response-synchronized EEG theta oscillations in sensorimotor tasks


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