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Submitted papers


Papers in preparation

  • [1] Tavano, A., Schröger, E., & Kotz, S. A. Prior knowledge affects the neural encoding of the hazard function for behaviorally relevant events.
  • [2] Kokinous, J., Tavano, A., Kotz, S. A., & Schröger, E. Audiovisual facilitation during the perception of dynamic emotion expressions: The role of spatial frequencies.


Book chapters and Proceedings

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Clinical assessment protocols

  • [1] Tavano, A., Côté, H., Ferré, P., Ska, B., & Joanette, Y. (2013). Protocollo MEC. Protocollo Montréal per la valutazione delle abilità comunicative. Springer Verlag: Milan.


Co-edited Special Issues

  • [1] Rampone, P., & Tavano, A. (2010). Update in Afasiologia. Acta Phoniatrica Latina, 32(1-2).


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