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In our lab (hard- and software, cf. ), we can create auditory and visual stimuli to be run in real-time under a wide variety of experimental protocols. With our dummy head we can record natural sounds and measure sound pressure level. We can perform audiometrics, register behavioral and multi-channel EEG data, electrodermal and cardiovascular activity. With this, we address questions in auditory and visual information processing, (working) memory, learning, attention and emotion, and the predictive nature of the human information processing system (cf. research).


The Biological Psychology Unit has the following equipment (Hard- and Software):

  • 4 electrically and acoustically shielded experimental chamber (IAC)
  • 2 Synamps 32-channel-EEG amplifier (NeuroScan, see picture)
  • BrainAmp DC 128-channel-EEG amplifier
  • BrainAmp DC 32-channel-EEG amplifier
  • BioSemi ActiveTwo 128-channel-EEG amplifier
  • Zebris CMS20 3D-Digitizer
  • Dummy head for recording natural sounds and measuring sound pressure level (Head Acoustics, see picture)
  • Scripting and control of experiments:
    • NeuroScan Stim system for running experiments, synchronizing experiments and EEG acquisition, and response capturing (on loan from the University of Munich)
    • ERTS-programming suite, scripting system for controlling experiments, synchronizing experiments and EEG acquisition, and response capturing
    • FreeStim, multimodal soundfield stimulation system for visual and auditory stimuli (designed by Widmann, Schröger, Eimer, & Klinger, see picture)
    • Cogent-Toolbox for MATLAB
  • Analysis systems:
    • ERTS-Code, analysis software for behavioral data (for DOS-PCs)
    • Perl scripting language, multi-purpose language for analyzing data (for DOS- and Linux-systems)
    • NeuroScan Scan EEG analysis software
    • ANT eeprobe 3.3, EEG analysis software for Linux-systems
    • BrainVision Analyzer
    • EEGLAB-Toolbox for MATLAB
    • SAS- und SPSS-statistical analysis software (for Windows-systems)
  • Lab- and office computers are connected via a 100Mbit network governed by a server running Linux/Samba


Cognitive and Biological Psychology

University of Leipzig
Faculty of Life Sciences
Institute of Psychology
Neumarkt 9-19
D-04109 Leipzig


Dagmar Schrödl
Phone: +49 341 97-39570
Email: dagmar dot schroedl at uni-leipzig dot de

Fax: +49 341 97-39271