Special offerings

In addi­ti­on to the regu­lar work­shops offe­red by the three sub­pro­jec­ts, the Aca­de­mic Lab also has many other spe­cial offe­rings. Plea­se click on the fol­lo­wing links to find out more about upco­m­ing events.

Wee­kly event: Cof­fee Lec­tures

Lec­tu­re series: Wie Pro­fis schrei­ben

Work­shop series: MINT SPEZIAL

Past events:

ERSTI­spe­zi­al Win­ter Semes­ter 2018/19

MINT Spe­zi­al Win­ter Semes­ter 2018/19

Long Night of Aca­de­mic Wri­ting 2019

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