The Academic Lab’s Tutoring-Kolleg is a tutoring program that aims to equip student tutors and advisers with the tools they need to carry out their roles effectively. In addition, the program supports university institutions in planning tutorials and student consultations (peer learning) and getting these off the ground.

For students with teaching and advisory tasks

This tutoring program prepares students to carry out teaching and advisory tasks and provides them with ongoing support.

Student tutors
Student tutors are usually tasked with leading small groups of students in courses that take place over an extended period of time and aim to help students gain a better understanding of course content. Student tutors focus mainly on groupwork, meaning that all those taking part in the How to study, Buddies (Studienkolleg), Open Math Room, and other subject-specific tutor programs at Leipzig University are considered student tutors.

Student advisers
Students with advisory tasks focus on supporting fellow students individually with their specific concerns. All those within the Writing, Semesterbetreuer:innen (Law Faculty), and Helpdesk (Faculty of Social Sciences and Philosophy) programs are considered student advisers.

Sign up for the tutoring program
If you are already affiliated with one of the programs offered by the Academic Lab, then please get in touch via email at: tutoring(at) If you lead a tutorial at one of Leipzig University’s faculties, you can sign up via Tool (Fakultative Einschreibegruppen > Tutoring-Kolleg).

For university institutions

As students themselves, student tutors and advisers are uniquely placed to support their peers. They carry out tasks for a specific institution at the University, and they also act as representatives for their subject of study. By integrating both of these perspectives into their work, they promote communication between students and teaching staff. With a view to promoting innovative, in-person tutorials and consultations from students for students, the Academic Lab provides financial and planning support to faculties at Leipzig University. This support is divided into three areas of focus, with details on how to apply provided below.

How to apply

Pillar 1: How to study program
Beginning a new degree program is challenging enough, even without the additional hurdles brought about through online teaching. As a result, many new students lack a sense of direction and are unsure how to best integrate tasks into their daily routines. Furthermore, they often struggle to identify key activities that can help them be successful in their studies. Added to this are the issues associated with working collaboratively online—which many students are experiencing for the first time. Peer learning is an ideal way for students to connect to the University. It is also an opportunity to provide students with direction and to promote initiative, organizational skills, and independent work.

Pillar 2: Writing Fellows
Currently in development.

Pillar 3: E-Tutorials
Currently in development.

Guide for providing quality peer learning services This guide helps you design, carry out, and evaluate peer learning services. If you would like to find out more, please contact us (tutoring [at] We would be happy to provide you with a copy.