The following is a list of online tools and resources that the Academic Lab | UniSpracheEnglisch has compiled. They should help you with many aspects of academic writing, from finding the right expression or term and choosing the right style to working with specific text types and finding model papers and theses.

Machine Translation, Style Editors, and Dictionaries
Note: If you use a machine translator or bilingual dictionary to find a term or expression, the next step is to verify it on a credible monolingual website(s) and/or by doing a Google search. Search the phrase in quotation marks, perhaps adding a keyword such as your field, and an appropriate domain. (“phrase” keyword site:edu OR “phrase” keyword

  • DeepL Translator (better than Google translate) Link:
  • Bilingual dictionaries: (especially the forum), (words in context), (definition and then “in context”), (Interactive Terminology for Europe)
  • The Writer’s Diet (diagnostic tool designed to give you feedback on your writing. Based on Helen Sword’s book of the same name) Link:
  • ProWriting Aid (grammar guru, style editor, and writing mentor in one) Link:
  • Merriam Webster Dictionary (standard dictionary and thesaurus for American English) Link:
  • American Heritage Dictionary (usage panelist of 200 experts surveyed regularly about preferred usage) Link:
  • Oxford Dictionary (standard dictionary and thesaurus for British English) Link:
Style Guides and Usage Manuals
  • Chicago Manual of Style (standard style guide used by writers and editors for American English; see also APA Style Guide, MLA Style Guide, or other guide used in your field) Link:
Academic Writing
  • The Purdue Online Writing Lab (information about writing in general, research papers, and specific text types, such as cover letters and essays) Link:
  • University of Manchester Phrasebank (phrases to use for various purposes in writing such as being critical, describing quantities, and giving examples) Link:
  • The Writing Center. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (information about writing papers and other assignments, citations, and writing for specific fields) Link:
  • Harward College Writing Center (information for specific fields) Link:
  • Using English for Academic Purposes: A Guide for Students in Higher Education Link:
  • iWrite (duolingo for academic English, designed at Humboldt-Universität Universtiy, only works for Macs) Link:
  • Daily writing tips (to improve your writing every day) Link:
Sample Articles, Theses, and Dissertations
Punctuation, Grammar, and Vocab