Date(s) - 20/12/2018
15:15 - 18:15

Seminarraum S 017, Seminargebäude Hauptcampus


[Workshop cancelled due to illness.]



Your methods are clear, your results are excellent, but now you have to talk about what it all means. For many natural and social scientists, the discussion can be the most complicated writing, since it is free from many of the strictures of the other sections and therefore a little too open for interpretation. This workshop will explore strategies to structure and refine your results section to make your explanation as clear as your findings. Come with your own work for a chance to revise based on the themes introduced in the workshop, and be prepared to give and receive feedback from other writers.

Bachelor’s and master’s students

Students will

  • review strategies to structure the discussion sections;
  • focus on language that increases understanding and information flow in the section; and
  • have the opportunity to get peer and instructor feedback.

Dr. Jessica McCutcheon



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