Date(s) - 17/06/2019
15:15 - 18:15

Seminarraum S 423, Seminargebäude Hauptcampus


Special poster sessions are now a common event at international
conferences and often the principal language is English. This workshop is
designed to help you improve your level of academic language in order to
prepare more successful posters for presentation at academic conferences.
General wording, layout, and content will be analyzed using authentic
sample posters. Many helpful resources will be offered for designing and
presenting your own poster at academic conferences. Speaking skills will
also be emphasized and students will have opportunity to practice in front
of the group using the skills acquired during the workshop. Follow-up will
be provided at the Language Clinic.

Bachelor’s and master’s students

Students will

• practice academic language and improve their ability to prepare and
present an academic poster;
• develop an individual approach to presenting scientific information in
poster format; and
• gain an overview of helpful resources for successfully designing and
presenting posters.

Mary Waltie


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