The Academic Lab offers members of Leipzig University (i.e., students and instructors) the opportunity to use an innovative eLearning app for teaching and learning purposes free of charge. TeachMatics, developed by MassMatics, is an app that is geared to individual student needs and makes it easier to independently learn necessary skills. The math app supports students in their learning processes by providing problems (some with progressively increasing difficulty) and explanations (e.g., integrated tips, linked theory sections, and complete sample solutions) of mathematical foundations and in the areas of algebra, analysis, statistics, and stochastics.

Download You can download the app here for Android or here for iOS or by going to Google Play or the App Store.

Log-in To obtain a username and password for the app, go to the Moodle course TeachMatics. Please register yourself for the course and review the rights of use. You can find the course by going to: Central institutions/projects -> Academic Lab/Wissenschaftslabor -> Methoden- und Schreiblabor (Central institutions/projects -> Academic Lab -> Research and Writing Lab).











Advantages for students:

  • extensive collection of exercises with more than 2,500 problems
  • varying problem types and levels of difficulty
  • student-friendly language
  • progressive sample solutions with optional tips and intermediate steps as well as a list of conversion steps for individual calculations in order to better understand
  • more complex problems and more difficult tasks
  • more than 500 pages with explanations, sample problems, charts and graphs, and slideshows
  • possibility to get direct feedback from instructors regarding your understanding of the problems

Please read the terms of use.