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Are you having difficulties with academic work or writing? Do you need advising on term papers or final projects? If so, the Research and Writing Lab is here to help.

It is very important that students be able to critically read and reflect on academic texts. Sooner or later everyone is faced with the challenge of putting their own thoughts and findings down on paper. And in doing so it is important to follow general and subject-specific criteria for academic work. In addition, you can help guide your reader through the text by using appropriate stylistics and following conventions for sources and quotes. In many cases, your first attempts at writing can lead to frustration, and this can cause you to procrastinate. A writing consultation at Leipzig University can help you overcome difficulties with your writing so that you can be successful in your studies.

Please note: You can find answers to many of your specific questions by doing a short search, for example, on our Writing Portal (in German).