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Research, Quantitative Methods and Statistics Consultation
A variety of methodological approaches make it possible to find answers to research questions (for example, as part of a bachelor’s or master’s thesis). However, when it comes to quantitative methods, it is important to follow fundamental standards and work techniques and be familiar with the limits and possibilities of this empirical and analytical approach.

A research consultation can help and support you to refine interviewing and surveying techniques, design and develop questionnaires, consider the theoretical implications of various random samples, and deal with issues related to statistics.

– Please note that consultations are currently only available online.

ONLINE | Research and Statistics Consultation
Wednesdays, 14:15–18:00
Upcoming online consultations: 16.09.2020 (fully booked) | 30.09.2020 (fully booked) | 14.10.2020
–  A time slot will be assigned after you have registered on the respective course page on our website.

Consultant: Ellen Schüßler

Research consultations — discourse analysis
Discourse analysis is very common and often used for final papers in the humanities and social sciences. However, there a number of quite different options that range from rather critical, deconstructive discourse analysis to more formal approaches such as sociological discourse analysis. A research consultation can help you select the most suitable theoretical tools and deal with issues of implementation.

– Please note that consultations are currently only available online and by appointment. To request an appointment, send us an email.

Consultant: Dr. Robert Feustel