Language Clinic

Ope­ning hours: Mon­days: 15:00–17:15 Wed­nes­days: 15:00–17:15 Fri­days: 9:00–11:00

Loca­ti­on: Lan­guage Cen­ter, Goe­the­stra­ße 2, Eighth Floor, Room 804

No pri­or regis­tra­ti­on is necessa­ry. Plea­se make an appoint­ment by sen­ding an email to .img(at).img or sim­ply drop by. Online hours: Mon­days: 13:00–14:00 Wed­nes­days: 13:00–14:00 If you would like to make an online Lan­guage Cli­nic appoint­ment, plea­se click here and fol­low the inst­ruc­tions. Con­tent: Are you wri­ting your BA or MA the­sis in Eng­lish? Are you pre­pa­ring a semi­nar paper or wri­ting a let­ter of moti­va­ti­on in Eng­lish? It might be that you are fee­ling stuck in the wri­ting pro­cess or are unsu­re of the cor­rect con­ven­ti­ons used in aca­de­mic Eng­lish. If so, we invi­te you to come to the Lan­guage Cli­nic with any pro­blems or ques­ti­ons you may have regar­ding the­se issu­es. We can give you feed­back on ever­ything from grammar and lan­guage use to orga­ni­za­tio­nal skills and minor issu­es, such as citing sources and punc­tua­ti­on. Plea­se bring a sam­ple of your wri­ting (up to four pages) and your ques­ti­ons to the Cli­nic so that our con­sul­tants can give you indi­vi­du­al feed­back and help get you back on track! We are also hap­py to help out with a pre­sen­ta­ti­on you have com­ing up or with gene­ral lan­guage skills such as grammar or pro­nun­cia­ti­on. Objec­tives: Stu­dents will

  • learn how to wri­te texts that flow well and are sui­ta­ble for the tar­get audi­ence;
  • focus on ele­ments of aca­de­mic Eng­lish such as style, regis­ter, and word order;
  • focus on the wri­ting pro­cess and on ways to best struc­tu­re their wri­ting;
  • learn how to punc­tua­te pro­per­ly in order to gui­de their reader;
  • increa­se their over­all degree of lan­guage awa­reness;
  • impro­ve their under­stan­ding and con­trol of grammar struc­tures;
  • impro­ve their pro­nun­cia­ti­on; and/or
  • focus on stu­dy skills and stra­te­gies for pre­pa­ring for exams.

Tar­get group: The Lan­guage Cli­nic is open to all Leip­zig Uni­ver­si­ty stu­dents and is free of char­ge. Inst­ruc­tors: Kers­tin Gack­le and Caro­li­ne Allen

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