Language Clinic

Opening hours:
Mondays: 15:00–17:15
Wednesdays: 15:00–17:15
Fridays: 9:00–11:00

Location: Language Center, Goethestraße 2, Eighth Floor, Room 804

No prior registration is necessary. Please make an appointment by sending an email to .img(at).img or simply drop by.

Online hours:
Mondays: 13:00–14:00
Wednesdays: 13:00–14:00

If you would like to make an online Language Clinic appointment, please click here and follow the instructions.

Content: Are you writing your BA or MA thesis in English? Are you preparing a seminar paper or writing a letter of motivation in English? It might be that you are feeling stuck in the writing process or are unsure of the correct conventions used in academic English. If so, we invite you to come to the Language Clinic with any problems or questions you may have regarding these issues. We can give you feedback on everything from grammar and language use to organizational skills and minor issues, such as citing sources and punctuation. Please bring a sample of your writing (up to four pages) and your questions to the Clinic so that our consultants can give you individual feedback and help get you back on track! We are also happy to help out with a presentation you have coming up or with general language skills such as grammar or pronunciation.

Objectives: Students will

  • learn how to write texts that flow well and are suitable for the target audience;
  • focus on elements of academic English such as style, register, and word order;
  • focus on the writing process and on ways to best structure their writing;
  • learn how to punctuate properly in order to guide their reader;
  • increase their overall degree of language awareness;
  • improve their understanding and control of grammar structures;
  • improve their pronunciation; and/or
  • focus on study skills and strategies for preparing for exams.

Target group: The Language Clinic is open to all Leipzig University students and is free of charge.

Instructors: Kerstin Gackle and Dr. Jessica McCutcheon

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Fachliche Leitung | Program director
Priv.-Doz. Dr. Olaf Bärenfänger | Sprachenzentrum (Language Center)

Goethestr. 2 | 04109 Leipzig