Academic work encompasses a broad range of areas. It begins with listening and reading comprehension and the vocabulary involved and extends to an idea or rather a precisely formulated question that serves as the basis for the text structure. Argumentative logic, stylistics, citations, layout, and formatting guidelines are also important elements. Successful presentations, high-quality posters, and well-crafted essay exams are based on academic research and writing skills. The Research and Writing Lab supports students in all disciplines at Leipzig University. Workshops, online offerings, and research and writing consultations are offered to help students successfully meet the challenges of academic work.


The Research and Writing Lab offers an extracurricular workshop series. Participation is free of charge. An overview of all of the workshops offered by this subproject can be found here. You may register for workshops directly on our website. Registration is binding.

Writing consultations

The Research and Writing Lab offers writing consultations for students who have questions or need assistance with academic writing, whether that be with research papers or bachelor’s or master’s theses. To find out more, please go to the following web page.

Research consultations

Research consultations are designed to help and support students with interviewing and surveying techniques, designing and constructing questionnaires, and collecting random samples, as well as with questions concerning (descriptive) statistics.

Online learning

The Research and Writing Lab — together with the other subprojects — develops online materials that you can use to improve your writing. Blended learning courses will also soon be offered. You can find more information under the online offerings tab.