What is the Academic Lab?

The Academic Lab is a central organization open to students of all faculties who are at any stage of their studies. The focus is on academic work and writing, for both native and nonnative speakers who want to gain competence using specialized language as well as academic research methods. Students have the opportunity to acquire skills in the areas of research, writing, and text analysis and to become more familiar with and effectively use academic writing techniques.

The Academic Lab consists of three subprojects:

Research and Writing Lab

This subproject helps students develop skills related to academic research and writing. It includes many workshops that have a special focus on methodological skills used in research. It is a central offering under the direction of the vice-rector and located on the first floor at Burgstr. 21. Read more

Academic German

The subproject Academic German is located at the Herder Institute in the Geisteswissenschaftliche Zentrum (Humanities center, GWZ) at Beethovenstraße 15. Its goal is to provide support for international students who are using German as an academic and research language. Read more

Academic English

The Language Center at Leipzig University is the home to Academic English, the third subproject. This subproject is committed to providing support to German and international students who have English as an academic and research language. Read more

Common areas

Although each of the subprojects have a specific focus, they also have some areas in common. These include online offerings such as eLearning and blended learning as well as the development of an overarching language policy for Leipzig University.

What does the Academic Lab offer?

The Academic Lab offers extracurricular workshops that help students learn to more effectively write academic papers. The Academic Lab also provides workshops focused on academic (poster) presentations, and reading, listening, and studying strategies as well as special language courses for German and international students who have English and German as academic languages. In addition, the Academic Lab offers research and writing consultations that are open to all Leipzig University students. Special advising programs for international students round off the program. The project is financed by funds from the Hochschulpakt (Higher education pact) and will run initially until October 2020. It is a central offering under the direction of the Vice-Rector for Education and International Affairs.