Open PhD Positions

Ballistic Hot Brownian Motion

Hot Brownian MotionThis PhD project shall explore the fluctuations of a single heated Brownian particle. In particular it shall determine with advanced optical techniques the nanosecond dynamics of such a particle with picometer spatial resolution to compare the kinetic temperature of Hot Brownian motion with the configurational temperature extracted in the long time limit. A close collaboration with theory will provide a fundamental framework for non-isothermal fluctuation and dissipation.


Propulsion and Interaction of Hot Brownian Swimmers

tl_files/mona/images/Swimmer.pngThe PhD student within this project shall explore the interactions between a well defined and controllable number of self-thermophoretic swimmers. The shapes of the swimmers ranges from simple spherical Janus-type particles to more complex objects with optically controlled 2D chirality. The studies will involve a new feedback-based steering technique for the particles, which will allow studies on the same system of particles for an extended time period. The project is a collaboration with the theory group of Prof. Klaus Kroy at the Universität Leipzig. A close interaction with theory group is expected.