I am currently working in the Structure Removal project at the Universität Leipzig. Prior to that, I was part of the DFG funded graduate school (Graduiertenkolleg) IGRA (Interaktion Grammatischer Bausteine/Interaction of Grammatical Building Blocks) where I defended my dissertation entitled Cumulativity in Syntactic Derivations in 2017. I completed my BA and MA studies at the University of Manchester and the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

I mainly work  on syntax and its interfaces to semantics, morphology and phonology. In my dissertation, I argued for modelling cumulative constraint interactions in syntax using weighted constraints inspired by much recent work on Harmonic Grammar in phonology.

Research interests

Topics I have worked on and am currently interested in include:

  • Ellipsis phenomena (e.g. Sluicing, (Pseudo-)Gapping, Right Node Raising, etc.) 
  • Optimality-theoretic syntax
  • Syntax/semantics of wh-movement
  • Agreement and case
  • Syntax/phonology interface
  • The morpho-syntax of Akan
For more information, see my output page.

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