08:00 am

ca. 09:00 am


Prof. Dr. Carmen Bachmann (Leipzig University, Chance for Science gUG)


Petra Köpping (State Minister for Gender Equality and Integration)


What is an Academic not applying knowledge? What is an Academic not sharing knowledge?

Prof. Dr. Carmen Bachmann (Leipzig University, Chance for Science gUG)


Panel 1:

Dr. Salam Said

"Higher Education as a Socio-economic Advancement Op-portunity for Refugees: The Case of the Syrian Refugees."

Dr. Ekrem Düzen

"Scholars at Risk Re-Positioned in the European Research Area: Is It only a Win-win Game or Can We Organize an International Stand for Academic Freedom?"

ca. 10:30 am Coffee break / poster session
ca. 11:00 am

Podium discussion:

Ralf Rangnick and Prof. Dr. Carmen Bachmann

"Added value of diversity: What can the academic world learn from soccer?"


Panel 2:

Dr. Fatina Kourdi

"Wiederaufbau von Aleppo: Strategien und Konzepte für den Wiederaufbau von illegalen Siedlungen."

Dr. Yalda Davoudpour

“A Review on Nanocellulosic Fibres as New Material for Sustainable Packaging: Process and Applications."



ca. 12:30 pm

Lunch break / poster session

Refugee academics present colourful posters about their research and work topics.

ca. 02:00 pm

Panel 3:

Dr. Mercy Nambu Diangha

"Integration of Multiple Research Approaches to Determine the Dynamics of Wildlife at a Reasonable Scale for Environmental Decisions: The Importance of Effective Research Collaboration Beyond Boundaries."

Dr. Amir Gharibeshghi

"Importance of Roots Studies in Research on Abiotic Stress (Drought and Water Limitation) in Agriculture as Future Global Challenge."


The "Philipp Schwartz Initiative" for threatened researchers

Dr. Barbara Sheldon (Alexander von Humboldt Foundation)


Dr. Ekrem Düzen

"A Practical Solidarity Scheme for Academics for Peace in Turkey."

ca. 03:30 pm Coffee break / poster session

ca. 04:00 pm 

Panel 4:

Dr. M. Said Chmit

"Extraction of Polysaccharides and Oils from Lebanese Laurus: Pharmacogenetic-taxonomy and Medical Applications."

Dr. Mahmod Muhsen

"From East to West: A Battle for Better Animal Hygiene and Healthier Human."


Conclusion of the conference

Prof. Dr. Carmen Bachmann

 ca. 05:00 -

  05:30 pm

End of the conference