Berti, S., Münzer, S., Schröger, E., & Pechmann, T. (2006). Different interference effects in musicians and a control group. Experimental Psychology, 53(2), 111-116.

Different interference effects in musicians and a control group

In the present study musicians and normal control subjects performed an S1-S2 pitch comparison task, which included the presentation of intervening tones during the retention interval. The time for encoding and storing the pitch of S1 was varied between 200 and 1,500 ms by changing the pause between the S1 offset and the onset of the intervening tones. Although musicians outperformed the control group with longer pauses after the S1 offset, this advantage was relatively small with shorter pauses. These results suggest that the advantage of musicians in storing auditory information is not solely due to their superior encoding of information but also to improved working memory operations.


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