What makes us whole?

Sophia Wagemann

What makes us whole? Are we as persons actually as enclosed as we may think when encountering other entities, the Other? Are we engaging in relationships to persons and things around us or is it way more, is it a constant exchange, various modes of inseperably enacting one another? read more

The pain of ascription

Rose Marie Beck

In July 2017 the Institutes of African Studies, Anthropology and Cultural Studies organized the summer school “Seeing the Self through the Lens of the Other”. What stands out in hindsight is how strongly we resisted seeing ourselves through that lens, how consequently we refused read more

Creating space to see the Self through the lens of the Other

July, 3rd, Leipzig, first day of the summer school

David Kananizadeh

The first day of the Summer School “Seeing the Self Through the Lens of the Other” was dedicated to the topic “Ethnography as Dialogue and Culture Critique”. The Lecture & Seminar-Session gave fruitful inputs to develop read more

Falling in love with a little pale faced man.

July 04 2017, Dresden, second day of the summer school.

by Konstantin Biehl

We visited the #Prolog1-10 exhibition in the Japanese Palais in Dresden that day. We explored the exhibitions different stages. Each offering a different approach to otherness. Each read more