Zorica Puškar

University of Leipzig


I am a third year PhD student at the University of Leipzig. I am a part of the DFG graduate programme IGRA (Interaktion Grammatischer Bausteine/Interaction of Grammatical Building Blocks).

I am pimarily interested in the issues in narrow syntax and in syntax-morphology interface, in particular:

  • phi-features, class features, their formal representation and their role in agreement; I'm writing my dissertation on the interaction of (semantic and grammatical) gender as well as (semantic and grammatical) number features and the manifestations of their interactions in hybrid agreement patterns
  • hybrid nouns, their structure and agreement patters they trigger
  • case assignment and the similarities and differences between lexical and structural case
  • motivation for the operations Agree and Move and their interaction (in what order they apply, what drives them both locally and long-distance)
  • the syntax of coordination and conjunct agreement (especially in gender agreement patterns in South Slavic)
  • the syntax of Slavic languages (in particular word order phenomena and cliticisation)