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  • An argument for subtonal features: Floating tones in two Otomanguean languages
    Acta Linguistica Academica.

2017 2016 2015
  • Allomorphy between tone and segments
    In: Proceedings of NELS 45, GLSA Publications, Amherst, pp.271-281.

  • Inflectional Exponence, with Jochen Trommer
    In: M. Baerman (ed.)
    The Oxford Handbook of Inflection, Oxford University Press, 47-83.

  • Templates as Affixation of Segment-sized Units: The Case of Southern Sierra Miwok In: Eric Raimy and Charles E. Cairns (eds.), The Segment in Phonetics and Phonology, Wiley-Blackwell, 314-336.

  • Hierarchy-governed Affix Order in Eastern Kiranti In: Stela Manova (ed.), Affix ordering across languages and frameworks, Oxford University Press, 124-153.
2014 2013 2012
  • Portmanteaus as Generalized Templates, with Jochen Trommer
    In: Cross-disciplinary perspectives on lexical blending, Vincent Renner, François Maniez und Pierre J. L. Arnaud (eds.), Berlin / New York: De Gruyter Mouton, 233-258.

  • Affix Copying in Kiranti
    In: Proceedings of ConSOLE XIX, Enrico Boone, Kathrin Linke and Maartje Schulpen (eds.), ISSN: 1574-499X.

  • Collateral Feature Discharge, with Daniela Henze
    In: Proceedings of the sixteenth Workshop on the Structure and Constituency of the Languages of the Americas (WSCLA 16), Alexis Black and Meagan Louie (eds), UBCWPL Vol. 31, 74-91.

  • Overwriting as Optimization, with Jochen Trommer
    Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 29:561-580.

Working Papers

  • Copy affixes in Kiranti
    In: Katja Barnickel, Matías Guzmán Naranjo, Johannes Hein, Sampson Korsah, Andrew Murphy, Ludger Paschen, Zorica Puškar & Joanna Zaleska (eds.), Replicative Processes in Grammar, Linguistische Arbeits Berichte 93, Leipzig University, 1-34.

2014 2013 2010 2007


  • A phonological account of morphological length (2014), PhD thesis. Leipzig University

  • Metathesis without reordering (2009), M.A. thesis. Leipzig University




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