Eva Zimmermann

I am a research assistant in the DFG project ''Featural Affixes''. In June 2014, I defended my PhD-thesis ''A phonological account to morphological length''. From 2009 to 2013, I was a research assistant in the DFG-project ''Hierarchy Effects in Kiranti and Broader Algic'' at the Department of Linguistics, Leipzig University and between December 2012 and June 2013, I was a visiting student researcher at UC Berkeley (Fulbright grant).

Research Interests

One important part of my research is concerns non-concatenative morphology, especially: non-concatenative allomorphy, length-manipulating morphology, reduplication, and template effects and their account in a Prosodic Morphology approach. My main focus lies here on the predictions and possibilities arising from (partial) integration of prosodic elements like the mora in a theory assuming containment. For example, Jochen Trommer and I argued that subtractive morphology can follows from addition of mora affixes.

In the domain of morphology, I am especially interested in hierarchy-effects in verbal agreement systems and their adequate theoretical implementation. The two domains where hierarchy-effects are especially interesting are affix order and blocking-effects between affixes. The framework of Cyclic Feature Discharge I developed together with Daniela Henze predicts interesting restrictions on possible interactions between affix order and blocking.

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