Dec 14 - Dec 16, 2012

Institute of experimental physics I

University of Leipzig


Biophysics of tissues is an emerging field at the intersection of physics, biology, embryogenesis, regenerative medicine and other disciplines. Numerous issues such as spatial organization of cells, importance of the morphogenesis and its gradients for the tissue regeneration and its mutation to cancer are still not answered and require interdisciplinary approaches involving scientific exchange.
The conference "Dymanics of Tissues and Multicellular Systems" takes place on December 14 - 16, 2012 in Leipzig (Germany)

Topics Planned

The talks of outstanding experts and the following debates will help to understand in particular:

How can develop spatio-temporal dynamics and complex structures?

How do single cells orient  in these complex structures?

Morphogen gradients, signalling and mechanical forces — what matters?

How can we describe the behaviour of single cells and of the cells in the tissue?

Why does regeneration of organs only work in few cases?

Please read the program of the conference for more information.

organisers of the conference 

Prof. Françoise Brochard-Wyart (Institut Curie, Université de Paris)

Prof. Jacques Prost (Institut Curie, ESPCI)

Prof. Dr. (i.V.) Claus Fütterer (Universität Leipzig)

The conference is supported by: 

Universität Leipzig            Deutsch-französische Hochschule
Institut Curie

   Magna Diagnostics GmbH