Ludger Paschen


I am a linguist at Leipzig University and MPI-SHH Jena interested in various aspects of phonology and spoken language, including

  • Phenomena at the phonology-morphology interface, e.g. consonant and vowel mutation
  • Acoustic phonetics, e.g. pitch accents and boundary tones
  • Dialectology, e.g. in German and Russian
  • "Extragrammatical" aspects of spoken language, e.g. clicks in everyday communication
I am working on languages from different genetic and areal affiliations, including Russian, Adyghe (Circassian), Sye (Oceanic) and Limbum (Grassfields Bantu).

In my PhD thesis, I am developing a phonological account of reduplication-specific mutation patterns, couched within Stratal Optimality Theory. Cases of underapplication and overapplication are often assumed to arise from either cophonologies linked to reduplicative constructions or constraints targeting a RED morpheme. The main claim of my thesis is that such cases can be implemented without a reduplication-specific grammar, by means of more general phonological constraints operating on broad, morphologically well-defined strata.