About me

I am a third year PhD student at the University of Leipzig within the IGRA graduate program. I am interested in language typology, corpus linguistics, and fieldwork, and, in general, how those different methods can be combined to do comparative linguistics. Currently, I am working on my dissertation concerned with the typology of article systems.


Address Universität Leipzig
Institut für Linguistik
Beethovenstraße 15
D-04107 Leipzig.

E-mail laura[dot]becker[at]uni-leipzig[dot].de

Research interests

Other topics I am working on:
  • Aspect and verbal prefixation in Slavic, German, Hungarian
  • Harmonic consonant-vowel interactions in Uyghur
  • Psych verbs in European languages (together with Matías Guzmán Naranjo)
  • Information Structure, wh-questions, and focus in Limbum (Grassfields Bantu) (together with Jude Nformi and Imke Driemel)
  • Building multiple parallel corpora from movie subtitles
  • Tone and Definiteness in Mokpe (Coastal Bantu)