About me

Laura BeckerI am a linguist with a focus on language typology, but also interested in corpus linguistics, and fieldwork, and, in general, how those different methods can be combined to do comparative linguistics. I submitted my PhD thesis at the university of Leipzig in 2018. In my dissertation (``Articles in the world’s languages''), I investigated different types of articles and their properties from a broad comparative perspective, distinguishing between 9 types of articles based on their referential functions and examining different morphological and syntactic properties that they have. Currently, I am working at the university of Cologne, in the project "Prominence and information structure", which is part of a bigger project on "Prominence in Language". In this project, we are working with a spontaneous speech corpus of French, Spanish, Catalan, and Persian.


E-mail lbecker[dot]berlin[at]gmail[dot].com

Research interests

In general, I am interested in:
  • language typology
  • corpus linguistics (multiply parallel corpora)
  • referentiality, articles
  • information structure
  • verbal aspect
Topics I have worked on:
  • Aspect and verbal prefixation in Slavic, German, Hungarian (with parallel movie subtitles)
  • Harmonic consonant-vowel interactions in Uyghur
  • Psych verbs in European languages
    (together with Matías Guzmán Naranjo)
  • Form-frequency correspondence in case markers
    (together with Matías Guzmán Naranjo)
  • Focus in Limbum (Grassfields Bantu)
    (together with Jude Nformi and Imke Driemel)
  • Tone and Definiteness in Mokpe (Coastal Bantu)
  • Definiteness in languages with and without articles (with parallel movie subtitles)
    (together with Jingting Ye)