LF Wind Measurements at Collm

At Collm Observatory (51.3N, 13E) of the Leipzig University from 1959 to 2008 winds at mesopause heights (80 - 10 km altitude) have been measured. The measurements base on the total reflection of radio waves in the lower nighttime ionosphere using commercial radio transmitters on three measuring paths (at present on 177, 225, and 270 kHz, additionally 261 kHz). Since 1959 the used frequencies were changed several times due to the requirements of the respective radio stations, but not for more than 10 kHz.

In the beginning the data evaluation was done manually. Until 1973 they were automated. Since September 1982 the reflection (reference) heights, measured on 177 kHz (until 31.1.1986: 179 kHz), are used to calculate monthly or half-monthly profiles and from this height-time cross-sections of the wind field parameters. The results were published in monthly reports and scientific papers since1960.

The estimated parameters are:

Some data may be downloaded from this site. More are available on request.
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