Structural changes in long-term trends of the dynamics of the upper atmosphere

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To clarify the role of different sources in MLT long-term trends, time series of middle atmosphere winds are investigated with respect to structural changes in long-term trends. These analyses are complemented by comparison with variations and trends of troposphere-stratosphere parameters related to dynamics, ozone behaviour, lower ionospheric parameters, and external influence as solar flux, geomagnetic field and cosmic ray flux variations. Numerical modelling of the middle atmosphere response to lower atmosphere changes is performed using the MUAM model of the middle atmosphere. Time slice runs based upon reanalysis data are used to clarify the influence of the lower atmosphere on middle atmosphere trends. 

Collm winds
Collm radar June-August mean winds. 1979-07/2004: LF; 08/2004-date: MR.

Cooperation partners:
RSHU St. Petersburg
IEM Obninsk
IAP Kühlungsborn
ISAS Saskatoon
Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences

Publications related to the project:

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