Starting from a transdisciplinary perspective, the series Passages – Transdisciplinary Cultural Perspectives is devoted to various topics from the fields of literature, theatre, film, anthropology, media and gender, with special reference to English- and French-speaking cultural spheres. In it are published works with an approach based on cultural theory and taken from cultural and literature studies/literary theory, theatre studies as well as outstanding dissertation/post-doctoral projects.
Passages focuses on studying cultural and scientific processes at interfaces, places in which new scientific paradigma and a variety of cultural worlds arise. The moment of crossing, passing through and oscillating is determined by an epistemological attitude of reorganizing life, science and the world. Thus, on the one hand, Passages includes the transcending of the traditional disciplines and the networking of different sciences and fields of knowledge; on the other hand, it includes the passing through of cultural networks and problems which oscillate between cultural localization and the transcending of cultural boundaries. Passages is devoted to hybridization processes of various types, as they are for example to be found in French- and English-speaking cultures, the Caribbean, the Maghreb or the Latino culture in the USA. Especially here, the pressing questions of our time can be treated on the basis of numerous works by intellectuals, artists, thinkers and film-makers which are unequalled in the international cultural universe.