Seminar on Quantum Field Theory, Gravitation, and Elementary Particles

Dr. D. Cadamuro
Prof. S. Hollands
Prof. R. Verch

Dr. J. Zahn

Monday, 15:15 – 16:45 (1 hour talk, followed by questions), seminar room 114 ITP
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Schedule for the winter term 2019/20:

Date Speaker Title (hover/click for abstract)
14.10. no seminar
21.10. Shaun Brentnall (ITP)
28.10. Pascal Fries (Würzburg)
11.11. Jan Mandrysch (ITP)
25.11. Constantin Rein (ITP)
02.12. Alexander Zhiboedov (CERN)
13.01. Oscar J. Campos Dias (Southampton)

Schedules of past terms:

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Abstract: It is a generic property of QFT that locally, the energy density may be negative. With regards to negative energy density in the free field, there has been much work done and quantum energy inequalities have been established. Recently, interest has moved onto interacting models which display more interesting behavior. Most work on interacting models has reserved itself to only the single particle case. Here, through the use of the inverse scattering method, we compute explicitly the two particle expectation value of the energy density in the sinh-Gordon model, and show that is must permit a negative energy spectrum.
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