About the Project

In our project we are working on starting an electronic open access journal that publishes dictionaries of minor languages in database format. We are very glad to have received DFG funding for a start-up phase of four years. The name of the new journal, to be launched in 2016, is “Dictionaria”. This journal will be part of the family of publications that belong to the Cross-Linguistic Linked Data framework (e.g. WALS, Glottolog, and APiCS).

Collecting the words of as many languages around the world as possible is an important task of comparative linguistics, but up to now there was no good way of publishing high-quality dictionary data of minor languages. Conventional online dictionaries are not regular refereed publications and thus neither guarantee high quality nor do they contribute to career-building. They are often made available outside a stable institutional context and usually put their entries on html pages that emulate the format of print dictionaries, rather than exploiting the possibilities of electronic publication (database publication, using the principles of Linked Data).

The dictionaries published in Dictionaria will be refereed like other books or journal articles, and they will be published in a uniform database framework. Authors will not have to worry about technical implementation, as long as they conform to the submission guidelines. The dictionaries will be easily searchable (by lemma, meaning, semantic domain, and in other ways), they will be easily exportable, and media content (pictures, video,  and sound) can be included.

We are currently working on setting up an editorial board, formulating the submission guidelines and establishing a workflow. We are commissioning a number of start-up dictionaries, and once the first few dictionaries are available, we will advertise the journal widely among the community of language documenters and minor language lexicographers.

For more information, please feel free to download our project application!

For any questions and suggestions, please contact us at:

envelope2  dictionary.journal[AT]uni-leipzig.de