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Poster #: 45
Topic: Development (infancy, childhood, adolescence, and aging)
Friday, Sep 11, 2015
1st floor

Specific characteristics of mismatch negativity in pre-term and full term infants

Marina Vasileva

Biological Department, Saint-Petersburg University, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

The mismatch negativity component of auditory event-related potentials was studied in preterm and fullterm infants of the first month of life and adults. Acoustic stimuli with large deviance in passive oddball task were used. EEG data revealed distinctive features in morphology and specificity in parameters of infant mismatch responses (MMRs). Unlike the adult group, infant MMRs were greater in amplitude and longer in latency and were manifested in two positive peaks (fullterm group) and in one negative peak (preterm group). A significant positive correlation was observed between infant’s conceptual age and MMR amplitude, and significant negative correlation was found between infant’s conceptual age and MMR latency. Results suggest specificity in the parameters of infant mismatch responses which may index maturational changes in auditory cortex at early ages.