Representation of the self and neglect

Fink, G. R.
Department of Neurology, RWTH Aachen; Institute of Medicine, Research Centre Jülich

The representation of the self is an important constituent of human self-consciousness which depends on the correct integration of mental and bodily states as one's one mental and bodily states. This involves first versus third person perspective taking as well as centring one's own multimodal experiential space upon one's own body thus operating in an egocentric frame of reference. The brain regions crucially implicated in representation of the self comprise frontal and parietal cortex as evidenced by both functional imaging and lesion-based neuropsychological data. In my lecture I will review some recent functional imaging data which focuses on our understanding of neglect. In particular, I will enlarge on what can be learned conceptually from combining lesion-based neuropsychological studies and functional imaging and what crucial discrepancies need further investigations.