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Research of our unit focuses on issues in Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience. Using methods of Biological and Experimental Psychology, processes and architectures of voluntary and involuntary attention, (auditory, visual, and audio-visual) perception, (working) memory, learning, emotion, language and judgment are investigated in healthy adults and in children. Our research follows an human information processing approach and emphasizes the predictive nature of our mental system. The laboratory's equipment has been selected to meet this goal (Labs).


  • [2018-07-02] Interview (Multimedia, Audio) with Erich Schröger by MDR Aktuell on his listing as one of the 50 most influential living psychologists in the world.
  • [2018-05-11] A new study by Nicole Wetzel, Florian Scharf, and Andreas Widmann with the title "Can't ignore – distraction by task-irrelevant sounds in early and middle childhood" was accepted for publication in the journal Child Development. The study demonstrates considerable development of attention control throughout early childhood.
  • [2018-04-03] A new study by Florian Scharf and Steffen Nestler with the title "Principles behind variance misallocation in temporal exploratory factor analysis for ERP data: Insights from an inter-factor covariance decomposition" was accepted for publication in the International Journal of Psychophysiology. The study demonstrates that the topographic overlap introduces substantial inter-factor correlations when exploratory factor analysis is applied to event-related potential data and that, therefore, orthogonal rotation methods should be avoided.
  • [2018-01-23] A new study by Andreas Widmann, Erich Schröger, and Nicole Wetzel accepted for publication in Biological Psychology demonstrates that the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems contributions to the pupil dilation response can be separated by means of principal component analysis and emotional arousal is reflected selectively in the sympathetic response (press release).
  • [2018-01-08] Erich Schröger was named among the 50 most influential living psychologists in the world
  • [2017-05-04] New publication by Maria Bader, Erich Schröger, and Sabine Grimm in PLoS One with the title: How regularity representations of short sound patterns that are based on relative or absolute pitch information establish over time: An EEG study. The study shows that sensory memory traces for short melodic patterns establish with a similar, fast time course, but probably not to the same strength for pattern repetitions based on absolute or relative pitch structure.
  • [2017-04-11] Prof Dr. Erich Schröger was elected as the Vice-Rector for Research and Young Academics of the University of Leipzig (press release).

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