Curriculum Vitae

1997 MA in Linguistics, University of Trieste, Italy.
1999-2003 Postgraduate studies: Department of Linguistics, University of Antwerpen, Belgium; Department of Phonetics and Linguistics, University College London, UK; Department of Linguistics, McGill University, Montréal, Canada.
2003 Ph.D. in Philosophy, University of Trieste, Italy, on "Pronominal anaphora in children. A study of the grammar/pragmatics interface in normal and language impaired children.
2003-2004 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Philosophy, University of Udine, Italy.
2003-08/2009 Researcher, Neurolinguistics Unit, Scientific Institute "Eugenio Medea", Udine & Milan, Italy.
Since 09/2009 Postdoctoral Research Associate, Institute of Psychology, University of Leipzig, Germany, on the DFG Reinhart Koselleck Project "Predictive modeling in audition" awarded to Prof. Erich Schröger.
03/2010 MSc in Psychology, University of Trieste, Italy.
Since 03/2010 Guest Researcher, Neuropsychology Department & MEG Unit, Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig, Germany.


Cognitive and Biological Psychology

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